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Never demonize the food industry

In real life, people mix fresh, frozen, canned and ready to cook food. All segments are strongly interconnected.

Avoid over-the-top innovations

Food innovation requires subtlety and a very good understanding of what the market offers, and what consumers are ready to accept.

Go beyond the food world’s antagonisms

Simplicity vs. sophistication, control vs. letting go, healthy vs. junk, pleasure vs. health... More than ever, food reflects human contradictions and our way to deal with them.

Never stick a label on consumers

Consumers are human beings who keep evolving and changing. Their eating habits just change with them, including within a week or a season...

Take good care of form and substance

A product’s organoleptic qualities are essential. A beautiful packaging and the right wording are rarely enough if the taste isn’t there. We promote the Beautiful and Yummy!

Show common sense and simplicity

There is sometimes not much to do to help a product meet its audience. The right dose of creativity and a good marketing positioning can be enough.

Keep away from food trends’ hype

Trends are not gospel truths. Food orthodoxy, hype new diets or ingredients are not all there is to see!

Surround yourself with food experts and strategy professionals

Food innovation is a large issue. Methodologies are as varied as the ingredients of a good recipe. Hence the importance of talking to the best experts.

Juliette Portalier-Pelé, Founder

Thoughts For Food. The taste of innovation.

Ever since it was founded, Thoughts For Food has been driven by an unrelenting double passion: brands and the world of cooking.

"My passion for brands comes from 15 years spent in Strategic Planning departments of major advertising agencies. In those years, I observed and decoded consumer trends in France and in the rest of the world, positioned or repositioned products and brands, brainstormed the most strategic ideas... all brought together to create amazing campaigns.

My passion for cooking comes from an incredible culinary family legacy. I share my life with a two-star Chef. Thoughts For Food revolves around gastronomy, restaurants, producers, craftsmen, delicatessens..."

With us, innovation is always simmering away!