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today’s taste

Decoding the food, culinary and gastronomic universe in France and abroad. Searching for inspiring and powerful insights to guide product innovation.

Food market intelligence, identification of trends, benchmarks and food store-checks covering all players: catering, food stores, food brands, food tech start-ups

Analysis of major evolutions in cooking practices, food consumption behaviours, recipes and ingredients, through referent sociological and historical works, as well as mainstream recipe books and books by chefs and pastry chefs

Analysis of culinary content in the media: print, TV, Internet, social media, blogs


today’s practices

Observation of consumers and professionals’ culinary practices. Analysis of kitchen talks and gestures.

Product experiences and tests with consumers in kitchen labs: recipes they cook, products’ usages, formats, shapes, colors and textures.

Product experiences at the consumers’ homes to investigate and follow their practices with the prototypes, tests of products’ usage and consumption with the participants’ families and friends.

Product experiences and tests in restaurants with the staff and the clients.

In-depth interviews with experts: chefs and pastry chefs, sommeliers, shopkeepers, producers, artisans

Interviews with influencers: bloggers, journalists, writers, culinary stylists and designers


and developing ideas

Creation and development
of new product concepts
and positioning. Idea activation.

Research and formalisation of product concepts, illustrated by roughs and mood boards


Development of new products on new segments or categories, reorganisation and optimisation of existing ranges

Writing strategies, product positioning (SWOT, USP, benefits, claim, baseline, etc.) and culinary content, recipe naming

Organisation & facilitation of creative or strategic workshops in inspiring locations: kitchen labs, restaurants

Culinary research

& experimentation

Product tests & developments in the kitchen.
Respect of brand specifications: marketing positioning, manufacturing requirements, business challenges.

Testing of existing or under development products, comparison with competition’s products

Identification of strengths, barriers and product specificities

Development of new product recipes and flavourings

Realisation of product prototypes, writing recipe specifications

Follow-up of manufacturing developments with R&D and marketing departments

Brand building

& storytelling

Creation of the brand’s world,
spirit and speech

Storytelling: conveying a unique brand identity through words and images

Copywriting: editorial content, naming, tone of voice, claims, editorial guidelines

Art direction: visual identity, logo, graphic territory, graphic charter

Culinary design: showcasing products and brands through artistic scenography